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tv   9 News Now Week in Review  CBS  September 12, 2010 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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review. good morning, i am derek mcginty. we're going into tuesday's primary elections, dc's mayor is far behind in the polls. this would be the biggest fall in this city's young history of electing its own political leaders. the big question is, how did it come to this? well this past week some answers from the mayor himself and his wife michelle who sat down with bruce johnson with an exclusive conversation in their home in northwest. >> if you do not find it in your heart to give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myself. >> reporter: that is the closest as he came to admitting that he might lose the election. >> what are they asking you to forgive you for? >> for not making an adjustment fast enough. we have to engage more. we have to be more inclusive. we have to make people feel more
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part of the process. >> reporter: his wife appealing to the voters after being absent from the public campaign from the start. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjective that are absolutely shocking. >> reporter: the mayor won't say he was personally hurt when he was trailing the councilman. but his wife of 13 years, the mother of his three children said it for him. >> it was heartbreaking to think there was so many people in this city, in his city, the city he was born and raised in, that feel he's disconnected from the issues. >> how is it that the city is so divided racially? the majority of the white people love the job you're doing and the black people are just the opposite. >> it is bigger than me, that is
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for sure. obviously it is a disconnection that is more than just results. we need to bridge that disconnection. >> he wanted every precinct. but heading into the primary a poll shows a majority of african-american voters have given up on him. >> i think it is because they don't know him and he didn't give them a chance to get to know him. >> i think that is part of him being a young politician, and not being able to read what people want to see and feel. >> she says she's prepared that if they lose, life will go on. he kept saying that he kept his word to get things done. student test scores are up. crime it is down. >> our ability to drive jobs in d.c. is unprecedented. >> how many jobs are we talking about? >> just in the past four years,
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over 11,000 new people hired. >> is it your decision or michelle reed. >> mine. >> the police chief crime initiatives, is that on the chief or you? >> the final decision is on me. >> he knocked on every door. but who has the mayor been listening to since he won office. >> you don't have a kitchen cabinet or two or three people. >> senior staff, like every other mayor. i've been around this job and around this city, you know, as long as any of my kitchen staff. probably more. i bring to the job what i grew up with in d.c., the neighborhood. for better or worse, this city is run over the last four years with every key decision of being mine and mine alone. >> and that was bruce johnson reporting. the mayor says he does have a plan for identifying his voters and getting his folks to the polls on tuesday. his campaign has raised millions
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and outspent his opponent four-to one. his challenger was interviewed also of the vince gray is the front runner, but he's warning his supporters, don't become complacent. gray sat down with his son and daughter at his home for another exclusive conversation. >> you're concerned about complacency. >> from his home surrounding by his daughter and son, gray talked about why he wants to be mayor. >> i've been convinced for a long time that the leadership style of this mayor was not conducive to bringing the city together. >> black voters abandoned the mayor. >> you work with people. i think the more people that get to know me, they will realize i am somebody who sees the importance of working with
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everybody. >> great job. >> the chancellor is almost certain to leave and then what. >> i indicated in my education paper that i'm committed to continuing the path of education reform, and i will look for a person who brings, you know, good qualities of education reform, but also somebody who can work with people. >> do you agree with the firings of these teachers? >> any teacher who has a good performance evaluation, should be eligible to come back. if there are people who have performance evaluations that were done legitimately, that really can't perform, they should not be brought back. >> talked to police chief. >> robberies are up. 19% of our police officers are living in the district of columbia. i want to aggressively pursue community policing. >> the mayor in our exclusive interview with him promised to be more inclusive. gray charges that while his demeanor was bad , the mayor's
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lack of diversity is what cost him his support among african-americans. >> his employment policies. we have 26,000 people on a list waiting for housing. our university is basically been treated with hostility by this administration. you look at charter schools, there is no parity between charter schools and d.c. public schools. >> i would say, bruce, i worked very, very hard as attorney and he draws circles around me. >> these are volunteers in the complain. >> i had a free pass to [inaudible] >> bruce swrons son, 9 news now. >> now those latest polls show chairman gray leading the mayor. gray leads 45% to 38%. so could things get any worse for the mayor? the answer is, yeah. the washington post is reporting
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vincent gray's campaign wants an fbi investigation, about the mayor's giving jobs in exchange for votes. this is a desperate move by somebody or a damaging fabrication. either way, two people have come forward with jobs for votes allegations. the two claims they voted in the early balloting but didn't get any jobs. the mayor said there is nothing to it. >> this is an old political trick. when you don't have a strong record to run on, you run away with legs that are baseless -- you run away with allegations that are baseless. i don't think the citizens will let him get away with it. >> these are not the first such allegations against the mayor. last weekend the washington most said that a supporter was paid 100 bucks to vote. since gray called on board of elections to have that investigation, he points to the mayor's request for a late earn doors meant by president obama
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as a sheer desperation. the students were back at school in college park and some predators are taking advantage of that. police are investigating at least two brazen armed robberies targeting students near the university of maryland. gunmen attacked twice. it is a latest in a rash of off-campus crimes that has the university community on edge. scott broom filed this report, where he talked to one of the victims of those attacks. >> reporter: a terrified post-graduate faculty assistant and his wife don't want to be identified. >> so many robberies have happened. they should do something. >> reporter: they were held up at gunpoint while walking down ivanhoe street by two men they never got a good look at. what happened here was the second of two armed robberies in the space of 10 minutes. another group was robbed at gunpoint along the hiker biker
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path about a block away. both incidents four blocks from the university campus. university police and neighbors called pointing guns at victims' head a serious escalation of crime that occurred. >> lot of people are new here. >> this brings a different level of where we're having guns and that's something that is, as i said, quite shocking. >> while prince george's county police investigate the robberies, campus police are joined into crime prevention campaign targeted at new students not familiar with college park. meanwhile, there is a night time ride service at the university of maryland but it does not cover those off-campus neighborhoods. university police do not have jurisdiction there, either. prince george's county are the
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lead agency investigating these incidents and by the week's end university police were talking about establishing a task force to stop the robberies. veteran d.c. public school teacher believes he's being punished for being a whistle blower. he taught for 25 years. the inspector general want to know why he was suddenly transferred. our gary neurenberg has a story. >> was it a step to get rid of you? >> i think so. >> what should be done? >> the mayor should order the chancellor to reinstate me. >> reporter: he's taught in d.c. schools for 21 years at wilson high school, for the past 21 years, until he got a let transferring him. citing education philosophy differences. it was about a wilson class trip to the bahamas this past year. >> i reported to the chancellor
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that students went to the senior class trip, over 88 student, eight had offer 200 unexcused absences, they were failing classes and another 10 #45d over 100 -- had had 100 unsupervised absences. >> he supported athletic violations in -- he reported athletic violations. >> students who have not met all of their requirements. >> reporter: he appealed the transfer decision to the chancellor. it was based on val #4rid reasons and completely unrelated to the allegations of impropriety that you made. >> are they getting rid of you because of educate # -- educational differences or because you're a whistle blower? >> i can't read their minds but i believe they don't want anybody who will speak up against any of the practices, educational prak titsz, as well as management prak titsz, that
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are harmful to students and teachers. >> as for his requests that the mayor rescind the transfer, the mayor said he would not talk about personnel issues. he is worried the district is not done. >> they transferred me to an off-budget position, so that i can easily be transferred or gotten rid of and shuffled around again. >> again, that was gary neurenberg reporting. pending that inspector general's investigation, he continues to report everyday to phelps high school hoping everyday that transfer will be overturned. summer vacation officially came to an end this past week over northern virginia. students in a dozen school districts went back to school tuesday morning. in vienna, there were mixed feelings about that. >> how are you feeling first day of school? >> tired. >> little bit nervous. >> i'm excited to see all of my
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friends i haven't seen over the summer. >> happy to have them out of the house. >> fairfax county is the largest school district in our area with more than 170,000 students and it has seen a spike in enrollment over the past few years, while at the same time they had to deal with fairly major budget cuts. >> we had to make cuts across the board in the classrooms, increasing class size, decreasing services in the schools, the secretarial, custodial, principals. the list goes on. for this school year we have not made any additional cuts. >> still, parents will have to pay 75 bucks if they want their child to take an advanced placement or an advanced test. athletes pay $100 per sport to play. big changes to the fairfax county lunch menus. yes, virginia, there is a santa claus. this week we can say, yes, virginia, there will be
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christmas in leesburg. we'll explain. >> reporter: the holidays are a big deal in leesburg. for decades on the courthouse grounds a tree, a nativity scene, and in resen years a min nora, sikh prayers and a sign celebrating atheism. some worry things can get out of hasn't. >> i don't want any witness or juror walking into a courthouse, that has this sign. >> he was the loan nay vote as the board of supervisors reauthorized its policy of allowing the first 10 people who apply to leave almost any kind of display. >> satan worship? wiccans can apply? >> anybody can apply. >> and that is the way you have to do it according to the
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constitution? >> that is what they say. >> reporter: the first amendment might allow the board to ban all unattended displays. once the county starts picking and choosing it could run afoul of the constitution. so again this year the worshippers of the jeddi creed have applied and so have the atheists. >> i'm the director for american atheists. >> and nearly everyone is hoping it will pass again this year with little trouble. >> merry christmas and happy holidays, bye-bye. >> bruce leshan. big public hearing tuesday night. they were arguing too much about religious displays, they say, and the time would be spent better creating jobs and lowering taxes. we'll be right back. yeah, sometimes i worry. sometimes i worry.
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this week executive john leopold is facing allegations of sexual harassment. they include acquisitions that leopold fondled a woman in her office and retaliated against anyone who crossed him. these allegations are part of expanded lawsuit that began with a former county employee who said he sexually harassed her. he says it is not true. police are taking the street to find a man that assaulted a man at a fairfax county bus stop. this attack happened wednesday morning at 4:30. the woman was waiting for a bus when a man grabbed her. officers staked out that bus stop this morning, they handed out flyers with a description. all of the neighbors remain on edge. >> it is crazy now. i can't go back out here myself and leave my sister by herself. now we can't trust this place. my mom is scared so she can't
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come up here by herself. >> that man, the one they're looking for is a hispanic male, 25 to 30 years old, stocky build, wearing white t-shirt and tan cargo pants. eye sore of a dilapidated navy yard structure is transformed into a riverfront park. the mayor celebrated the grand opening of the new park this week. it is located along the riverfront on third front in southeast. in addition to green space, new retail and residential and office development. supermarket chain that offers high quality items at unbeatable prices is opening its first d.c. store. talking about aldi's. 90117th street. you put in a quarter to get the cart and you get the quarterback when you bring the cart back.
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which of these factors is more important when it come to compatibility with your compart ner? money, time spent with friends or neatness of your home. i'll have an answer for you after we show you one local couple that sets the compatibility bar pretty high. here is andrea mckaren. >> reporter: this couple celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. >> are you each other's best friend? >> absolutely, yes, no question. >> definitely. >> tell me, is the spark still there? >> oh, yeah. >> i find her every bit as attractive today as the day we were married. >> he tells me all the time. he really does. >> what do you do for him? >> hmmm!
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! >> reporter: how do they do it. >> you won't find a compatible mate that is exactly like you. >> reporter: relationship experts say. >> one of the biggest thing is money. there is somebody more that is a little more of a spender and the other is a saver. if someone is an extreme saver and is interested in somebody that is an extreme spender, that will cause difficulties. >> reporter: another key factor is time spent together. >> we spend a lot of time together. we understand each other perfectly and always are together. we have a good time. we do yard work together. bike together. on the computer we're taking computer class together. we go to our boating organization together. >> we're very close and seldom do we ever do anything without the other one. >> reporter: no surprise that they all achieved the highest
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possible score on our compatibility quiz. >> she's a very special young lady. >> as you are, too. >> wow, congratulations to them on that relationship they've got there. curious how you and your spouse would rate? we created a special compatibility test for married couples only and it is on our website, there is a single version there, for you singles as well. also this week the sometimes mysterious signs of a very serious disease, multiple sclerosis, ms, it is hard to diagnose, because flarup can happen years apart. anita brikman tells us about a brand new pill that patients may take just in case. >> it was awful not knowing what the diagnosis really was. >> reporter: doctors couldn't tell nancy exactly why she was having such trouble walking. the notion was she was dealing
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with early m.s., but until they were sure they called it possible m.s.. >> it is not much we can do for you, but we'll pretend it is m.s. and go from there. >> reporter: without a confirmed diagnosis, there are no standard treatment options. >> you don't want to use aggressive therapy for someone who has only initial symptoms but little findings on mri and a normal exam. >> reporter: researchers at stony brook university medical center are testing a less potent formula. they will see if patients with possible m.s. benefit from this early intervention. >> we're still in the recruitment phase and each person, as they come into the study, gets followed for two years, and we see what happens. >> reporter: a previous study is encouraging. when the medicine was injected,
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the disease activity went down in the brain. >> whether that improvement was really just being driven by this medicine, we don't know. >> anita brikman. 10,000 new cases of m.s. are diagnosed every year. the sooner treatment is started, the better. to find out more, go to there is a link to it on our "living well" health page. electric can help you wean you off dependence on oil, but before you get all charged up, make sure the car is the right car for you. >> reporter: douglas was so anxious to own an electric car he converted his 2003 hyundai. he can go 20 miles on a charge, so he plans those trips carefully. >> i use it for local travel back and forth to the doctor's office, to the kids' school things. >> reporter: limited driving range for electric cars is a key consideration. the chevy volt can go 40 miles
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on an electric charge but it does have a small gas engine that can go another 300 miles on a tank of gas. the nissan, powered solely by an electric battery has 100 mile range before it has to be plugged in. >> driving is not the only thing that will drain the bat treeshgs headlights, wipers, heat, takes up electricity, and how far can you go on a charge? it varies. >> reporter: recharge time is another important consideration. on 110-volt, the chevy takes 10 hours to reenergize. the nissan needs 16 hours. but federal tax incentives will cut that cost dramatically for early adopters. and then there is the cost. the volt retails for $41,000. the nissan for $31,600. and there is a $7500 tax credit for both. >> electric cars hold a lot of promise. two big pluses are the ability
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and bring our city together. vince gray. his economic development plan will help expand small businesses and create jobs. his record of reform and accomplishments earned him the praise of newspapers across the city, citing gray's leadership and efforts to pass education reform and expand early childhood education. vince gray -- he cares. he listens. he'll be a leader we can trust and the mayor we need for one city. i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ ...and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections... extraordinary chicken. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality od


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